December 21, 2012

Cliff Of Death

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
A lot of people thought the world would actually end today, and I kind of hoped that enough people thinking it might actually finish this place off; yet here we are. Charlotte-based rapper Deniro Farrar, a long-time Decoder favorite, is no stranger to the premise of apocalyptic ending. Farrar has been rapping about hard times and the end of it all for quite some time, and it's hard to imagine a better pairing than that of Farrar and Seattle-to-San Francisco production duo Blue Sky Black Death. BSBD's mixtapes with Nacho Picasso (who also has a guest spot on this EP) hone in on that dystopic sci-fi vibe like few other hip-hop producers can, keeping the beats heavy with percussion and swarmed with brooding synth that play off each other and work with Deniro's distaste perfectly. With song titles such as "Just In Case The World Ends..." and "Can't Take It With Me When I Die" the thematic elements are hard to deny, and since we're still here it just means that you can press repeat without stressing for time. Still, it's a shame that so many best of the year lists have already been published, because this one should certainly end up on a few.

Stream: Deniro Farrar x Blue Sky Black Death - Cliff Of Death

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  1. This album is actually really dope. Glad to see BSBD finding some real talent to bless their beats. Cliff of Death is definitely a contender for EP of the year, if their is even such an award. It's good though.