December 20, 2012


The last we heard from Piotr Kurek, he had released his first Suaves Figures collaboration with Sylvia Monnier on Sangoplasmo Records, so apparently even the label wasn't expecting more from him this year...

"Edena is the new, unexpected album of Piotr Kurek, well-known as Piętnastka (which is available again) and as a part of Suaves Figures duo (still available). This album consists of fantastic and mysterious songs filled with beautiful, fairy melodies and bizarre vocals."
However more or less unplanned, his new cassette Edena is an excellent return to form that seems particularly significant for having followed his more reserved, drone collaboration with Monnier. To some extent, the eponymous single "Edena" gestures in its direction structurally, though the tempo in Kurek's solo work is typically significantly quicker. If anything, "Edena" sounds like a lost score by both Swedish composer Bo Hannson and French Jazz pianist Alain Goraguer. Both credited with a partial re-invigoration of orchestral music, the former was primarily known for his instrumental renderings of novels like Watership Down and The Lord of the Rings, whereas Goraguer arranged and composed for Serge Gainsbourg before making his beloved soundtrack for sci-fi classic La Planete Sauvage. Of course those are very large things for a less than five minute track to invoke, so I'll reserve final judgment, but like both men, Kurek is rendering something truly fantastical with his creations.

Long live the Sangoplasmo, irregardless. 

Stream: Piotr Kurek - Edena

Order Edena from Sangoplasmo Records.

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