December 4, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Love Cult is the recording moniker of our friends Ivan Afanasyev and Anya Kuts, two Karelians we've known for the last year or so thanks to their truly impecable experimental label Full of Nothing. Which is to say, we like it for more reason than just the beautiful associative leap that takes you from Russia's semi-autonomous Republic of Karelia and its capital Petrozavodsk, to Corellia; Han Solo's home planet. Yes, far more reason that just that...

Today, these rock stars are gearing up for 2013's Red Bull Music Academy, in a move that threatens to cultivate real brand loyalty on my part (for my wife's favorite energy drink, no less). I don't know on what basis Ivan and Anya's application was accepted, but God knows we're excited that it was. More to the point though, the duo (active in various forms since 2009) has just released their debut LP Fingers Crossed via UK label Public Information, who describe their purview thusly: "A survey of electronics… noise… psych… industrial… house… dub… wyrd-pop… library… techno… art… design from the last seven decades…", which knowing Ivan and Anya, is enough to communicate that the album has found its rightful home.

Though Fingers Crossed - with all of its enigmatic choral movements, warped "Russian TV samples", and exotic instrumentation - syncs easily with the label's narrative of isolated auteurs shrouded by forests, cold, and rugged geography; all obstacles faced during the Winter War in 1940, when Finland was forced to cede Karelia to the Soviets. Truly, their work exhibits a cosmopolitanism that is rarely seen in happy perpetuation of itself outside of Europe, a synthesis of rural practice and urban forms fostered in certain DIY enclaves and in the socio-geographical expression of routine tour routes. Kuts' chorus of layered vocals and the airy precipice the two create through feedback in "Fingers Crossed", the album's eponymous fifth track, describe a similar dynamic with vocals nimbly accenting a larger edifice of black stone, primped into the ascending tiers of a darkened ziggurat.

MP3: Love Cult - Fingers Crossed
Peruse links to buy the album over at Public Information. After you're done streaming "Fingers Crossed", check out Nikita Hilko's video for "Place to Get Lost In".

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