December 7, 2012

Gibberish Rap

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
In the past six months or so Hannibal Buress has quickly become my current favorite comedian. I love his matter of fact, well-mannered way of delivering jokes; while still having a slightly annoyed slacker demeanor that I appreciate in comedy. Buress was recently hanging out with Chicago-based producer Tony Trimm, who recorded Buress doing a quick bar of "gibberish rap" over a phased Clams Casino beat. It's a pretty amusing poke at some often used ad-lib styles in rap, with an obvious point being that an amazing beat can carry a ridiculous song (and maybe that's ok.) If you're also feeling Tony Trimm's production, make sure to also check out this killer Doseone remix he dropped this afternoon.

Edit: Hannibal pointed out to us that the beat he raps over is actually a Clams Casino track; a phased out version of "Real Shit From A Real Nigga". The title of the beat of course only makes the final product that much more amusing. 

Update: Not long after the track was online someone decided to post the song's "lyrics" to Rap Genius. If you're unfamiliar with the site, it has a line-by-line breakdown of a song's lyrics with a typically community guide explanation of what the lyrics mean. Hannibal Buress has now gone to the site, verified himself as the song's creator, and given his own breakdown explaining the lyrics. It's pretty humorous seeing the real explanations compared to some of the more contrived efforts at explaining metaphors that don't actually exist. It's nice to know there are still words you can just take at face value these days. Check out the lyric page here.

Stream: Hannibal Buress - Gibberish Rap (prod. Tony Trimm)

MP3: Doseone - Last Life (Tony Trimm Remix)

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