December 18, 2012


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Most of my favorite French duos make dance music, but such is not the case with Saåad. Toulouse-based artists Romain Barbot and Greg Buffier are inclined more toward the dark and brooding, with winding ambient drones that evoke a sense of malaise from the listener. On January 29 Saåad will be releasing a new cassette via Hands In The Dark titled Orbs & Channels, a title that draws on some pretty lovely imagery to accompany already visual songs. Today they've given us tape's first track, "Hieronimus". It's a twisting slow burner ripe with atmosphere that eventually opens up into bright and almost hopeful chords before cutting off, leaving us eager for the rest of Orbs & Channels' story.

Stream: Saåad - Hieronimus Orbs & Channels is set for release on January 29, with pre-orders available now via Hands In The Dark.

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