December 17, 2012

Opal Tapes: Cold Holiday

UK label Opal Tapes is (personally) one of the great discoveries of 2012. As electronic dance music's trajectory continues to meet new intersection points (as it always has), its convergence with contemporary noise is on many's radar.  Few are doing it better than Opal, with artists like Kansas City's Huerco S., the ungoogleable 1991, and Wanda Group (first introduced to us as Dem Hunger by LA's great Leaving Records). They just dropped a name-your-price compilation which will serve as a good starting point for the uninitiated. I just read a review of earlyish Jim Henson film The Great Santa Claus Switch and the author acknowledges the "thriving subgenre of prisoner-Claus tales...the idea of Santa being captured or replaced, such that Christmas might not happen" and it's fun to imagine the kind of film that might have the abstract techno experiments of Cold Holiday as its score.

Download the compilation here.

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