December 10, 2012

Send The Pain On

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
From the first moments of Chrome Sparks' newest single, "Send The Pain On", I see neon butterflies gently circling one another amid a stark, black background. Pitchfork just premiered the track today, noting that it's from a forthcoming EP due out this Winter, and already a whir of visuals and emotion have washed over me with repeated listens. Like a flower beginning to bloom, the song start out with a subtle, bubbly synth that wades in the background for the entire track. Airy percussion floats in the middle-ground as higher synths and pained vocal samples burst from the stem to expose colorful petals of exuberance. The entire emotional tone of the track is just marvelous and inspiring.

Stream: Chrome Sparks - Send The Pain On

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