December 11, 2012

Video: Chet Faker - Archangel (Live Burial Cover)

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Australian singer-songwriter Chet Faker recently set up in a former butter factory with a full band in a former butter factory to record a few tracks live. While their the group laid down their own version Burial's "Archangel" that is every bit as smooth as the factory's remnants. All dance elements are removed, replaced instead by a sparse piano with the occasional chord scratch for ambiance. Faker sings the lyrics (originally sampled from Ray J's "One Wish") with heavy-hearted passion, almost as if he'd written the lyrics himself for a past lover. Just before the three-minute mark the drums come in with a beat begging our feet to work while guitar chords softly wind in beneath the drum's intoxicating rhythm. It's a wonderfully executed cover of the track that manages to change the sound without changing the vibe, an impressive feat that is seldom achieved so well.

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