December 3, 2012

Video: fialová liatris

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Charm School Vintage is an Austin-based ladies' vintage clothing boutique. They recently commissioned this amazing (read: incredibly well directed, shot, & edited) short film from Trannymachine Productions, featuring a variety of shots of model Sara Skinner eloquently moving through scenic fields and cliffs, swimming through waters unknown, and interpretively dancing with perennials (hence the title, fialová liatris; where fialová is the Czech word for purple, and liatris is the specific genus of this perennial type.) The final layer of beauty comes Boy Friend's "Egyptian Wrinkle", the title track from their debut full-length via Hell, Yes!, acting as the short's soundtrack. The song already makes me swoon hard, and it is a wonderful accented to the video, which interestingly enough doesn't even feature Charm School's name in it. I suppose they just like making pretty things for the enjoyment of others, and that's pretty fucking cool. You can check out more of Boy Friend's Egyptian Wrinkle on their Bandcamp, and the next time you find yourself in Austin I recommend giving Charm School a visit.

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