December 6, 2012

Video Premiere: Eola Live @ Cardinal Manor in Montreal

This past summer Arbutus Records re-issued Deo Gracias, experimental-pop singer Edwin Mathis White's third release as Eola, originally put to tape by Does Are and the Curatorial Club. Though White, originally from Orlando, began recording as Eola shortly after leaving Montreal for Brooklyn, he's kept up his connections with the city and most recently played a house show there in September, in an Arbutus-controlled apartment. The set includes a ton of unreleased material and features some funky effects, courtesy of cameraman Spencer Gilley, who you might know from his Tonstartssbandht and Andy Boay videos. More so than many youtube videos, this one is broken down for ease of reference:
Each song has different video effects:
0:00 - Get groove with this nice introductory 40 seconds
0:40 - "The Day" (Unreleased) - The thing with the multiple heads
4:29 - "Eduardo Blanco" (Unreleased) - Some spinning and a little head trick
8:27 - "I Keep The Plastic Blow Dryin" (Unreleased) - Clouds, mountains, and Montreal from airplane ride across Canada
11:42 - "Hula" (Unreleased) - Cool shit from Hotel For Gods
14:53 - "Futurehymn/Untitled" (Unreleased) - Tiny trick
16:52 - "Big Chestined Nights" (Andy Boay Cover) - *ANDY BOAY visits* (unused Evil Masters idea)
20:53 - "And I Know" (Unreleased) - Hectic spinning for u
26:14 - "Holiness Aside" - Au naturel ;)
29:38 - "Ancient Hill" (Featuring footage from DOGS ON A BEACH)
Deo Gracias is still available from Arbutus.