December 15, 2012

Video: Repeat Pattern - Remember Me

Our friends wear so many hats that the variety of their projects is rarely surprising to me anymore, but a few incidental social phenomena sometimes introduce novelty beyond the projects themselves. Michael Falsetto-Mapp for example I know through Jon Bernson, one of our esteemed columnists and Michael's partner in "future-pop" duo Exray's; he is discrete, active, and well endowed with good friends to recommend him. Such is how we know him and it's thanks largely to Jon's tips that I'm able to expand my mental portrait of the dude. The latest from their quarter is a video for Japanese beatmaker Repeat Pattern, visualizing one of his contributions to a 2010 tandem mix for Parisian label Cascade Records, which also featured stellar work from Ackryte and Broke. Like the mix, Mike's video is pure elegance; juxtaposing clips of poised persons and products with the good-natured sprawl of Repeat Pattern's classy samples and loops. So, put that in the Bay Area bachelor's hat (couldn't tell you his relationship status or whether he wears one) and leave it alone so that it can get its bearings.

Download the aforementioned "tandem mix", Love Exposure, from the Cascade Records bandcamp.

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