January 31, 2013

Premiere: Agent of Corruption

Casey Burge is a home-recording artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest. This is a fresh song, written for a new album-in-progress just a few days ago. I sincerely believe the best pop music right now is being recorded on his computer. By him.

Stream/Download: Casey Burge "Agent of Corruption"

If you want it at all, check out free downloads of the two-song Dangerous and his cassette release Triumph. Burge currently fronts Portland band Minden; they released their debut LP Exotic Cakes late last year. Pop in after the jump to get a read on the lyrics, as well.

January 30, 2013

Dwight Sykes: Songs Volume 1

Not a lot of insight to share on this release, as label Peoples Potential Unlimited (a favorite label, a favorite label name) just upped this to Soundcloud a few hours ago. YouTube crate diggers might've lucked upon some of the Dwight Sykes productions (and Jahari collaborations) via user 227sportycat's channel (Sykes?), but beyond that, I'm not really sure what to offer as background on this upcoming collection of unearthed cassette funk from 1980-1990, produced in Sykes' own L.U.S.T. Studios which was/is, as far as I can figure, a bedroom in possibly Kalamazoo, MI. Groove to the mystery.

Stream: Dwight Sykes - Songs Volume 1 LP Teaser.

Morning Swim

When it comes to Glenn Jackson's public image (I've included one of his glossies below) I feel a strong personal investment, my wife having designed several album covers for his band James & Evander. To that end, I would like to thank Mr. Alex Koplin for crafting the appealing artwork above to accompany Glenn's first solo sortie against the forces of mediocrity, Morning Swim, a three track EP of mellow movers, moody but gripping electronic dance music that keeps a bright register in more than one way thanks to Jackson's evident love of his form and craft. He's such a nice guy, I'll even forego the Narcissus joke I just started. 

Though we know Glenn well from his exploits in various Oakland and Bay Area projects, the latter part of 2012 and 2013 have seen a significant musical coming out for him; James & Evander had a productive close of the year, his collaborative electronic imprint West in Dust (run with regular collaborator Dave Reep of Elephant & Castle) has plenty planned to follow their successful debuts last year, and now Ceremony will issue his first solo EP on February 5th. Judging from the early reviews, hopefully we'll have more "solo" material to digest soon. In any event, the latest single on the block is "Morning Swim", the EP's taut opener, though I have to follow it with my personal favorite, "Save", where elegant piano and string loops make for one of the release's most idiosyncratic cuts.

Stream/Download: Glenn Jackson - "Morning Swim"

Glenn Jackson - Save
Keep your eyes peeled over at Ceremony Recordings for more news.

January 29, 2013

Video: Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Last week Chelsea Wolfe unveiled her recent video collaboration with Converse and Decibel; a stunning visual accompaniment for "Flatlands", from her recent acoustic album Unknown Rooms. Directed by Charlene Bagcal, the video plays on the muted but dark natures of Wolfe's music; managing to draw out the perceived fragility of the song through bleak imagery that still teeters on hopeful edges. "Flatlands" grows brighter as the track progresses, moving from a desperate desire to a confident goal. As the video progresses from a woeful interior to a sun-lit exterior, we even see a smile creep upon Chelsea Wolfe's face, lending to the idea of a bright future.

The Eulogy

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
If there is a such thing as bounce-trap (what even is a genre anymore?), Cakes Da Killa is its poster-child. With a flow that punches harder than Nicki Minaj and lyrics that can get dirtier and more clever than Lil Wayne on his best day, Cakes brings his a-game on The Eulogy, the newest release from Мишка. These are bangers meant to be blasted at vol. 11 while strobe lights paint every ass shaking moment in excruciating detail. The entire record shows Cakes celebrating himself and who he is, and thus teaching us to do the same; making for a brilliant (possibly unintentional) feel-good dance banger that may just be too hard to take off repeat.

Stream/Download: Cakes Da Killa - The Eulogy

Under Attack

It's probably unnecessary for me to contribute another piece of blog-commentary on the 'why' behind the emerging independent bedroom R&B scene; what's clear is that the cream is rising to the top. Obvious contemporary highlights seem to include the restraint and supreme musicianship of LA's Inc. and the emotional and production complexity of NY's Autre Ne Veut; these are artists that Decoder-devotees are likely familiar with. Perhaps a more obscure project (presently obscured, anyway) is Portland, OR-based Shy Girls, who've earned their highlight status via front man Dan Vidmar's well-above-average songwriting and the live incarnation's exuberant, vital performances (on stage, Shy Girls manifests as a competent 7-piece group). This isn't merely an exercise in hot aesthetics, but rather a choice (and wholly appropriate) sound palette for Vidmar to filter his songs through. "Under Attack" is a good demonstration and an excellent song; while we wait for the world to get turned on to the Girls and for more recordings to surface, new listeners can also check out the 2011 debut Sex in the City EP.

Stream: Shy Girls "Under Attack"

Buddy Icon

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
The cuties in Museum Mouth have been hard at work on their third full-length record. While the band is excited for the new record, promising it will be "really cool you guys." If you're worried about whether or not they can be taken for their word, however, MM has left us with a little evidence to support their claims. "Buddy Icon" is a demo that didn't quite fit on the record, so the band has decided to give away the song while they continue to finish up mastering on the new LP. It's a wonderfully fuzzy pop-punk track that touches on disheartening subjects based upon love while harkening back to early high school times with the Internet and AIM, as you might have come to expect from Museum Mouth by now. The band always keeps it real and close to the heart, and if "Buddy Icon" is only a demoed preview of what's to come, I couldn't be more excited.

MP3: Museum Mouth - Buddy Icon

Fash Fwd/Mix: NVR MND x Mascara

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Brooklyn streetwear label NVR MND has teamed with Irvine, CA-based producer Mascara for this gorgeous new t-shirt. Accompanying the announcement of the new shirt is a killer mix featuring White Ring, Planetary Assault Systems, Ricardo Villalobos and more, making for a deliciously dark and disconcerting 45-minutes that will have your head spinning and, when things aren't so woozy, your feet moving. The t-shirt is available in black or white via NVR MND, and make sure to check out the rest of their current collection in the NVR MND shop.

Stream: Mascara - Mix 4 NVR MND

A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
I've been eagerly awaiting the new full-length from Alexander Spit, A Breathtaking Trip To The Otherside. The record is out today via Decon Records, and the folks over at Complex have premiered a full stream for the record. Off the first listen the A Breathtaking Trip is every bit as awesome as I had assumed it would be, with brilliant off-kilter production throughout and nonstop deadly verses from Spit in his hyper-energetic-yet-somehow-still-relaxed flow. Listen to the entire thing below, and make sure to pop over to Complex to also catch a live rendition of the album's title track featuring Bago and a brief interview with the rising emcee.

Stream: Alexander Spit - A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside  A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside is available now via Decon.

Video: Animal Collective - Applesauce

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Earlier today Animal Collective premiered their new video for "Applesauce" via Pitchfork.tv. The video is clearly intended to enhance the aural experience, so on that I'll just note that the band does mention that the video should be watched in total darkness (and ye jittery ones fret note, it isn't scary.) The track is probably my favorite from last year's Centipede Hz, and one that I've pondered a good bit on the meaning of. I eventually came to the conclusion that the song deals with growing older but doing things that make one feel youthful, still. It's a pretty concept that, when coupled with the already uplifting nature of the song's instrumentation, makes for a killer feel-good track.

Cold War

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
La Big Vic have always had a wonderfully unique sound, managing to weave classical music elements into modern sounding experimental songs in a way I've not heard anyone else pull off. Today the trio have dropped their latest album, Cold War, via the inimitable Underwater Peoples. The LP has a full range of emotion, going from smooth and mellow to frantic and charged while always maintaining a full sound that envelopes the listener. Beneath the surface of each track swirls of synth churn, bubbling beneath delicate vocals and hip-hop oriented production that floats alongside often jazzy and/or funky instrumentation. It's an all-over sound that makes La Big Vic hard to pin down into one category; subsequently making Cold War a truly refreshing listen.

La Big Vic - All That Heaven Allows La Big Vic - Ave B Pick up the Cold War 12" now via Underwater Peoples.

Play By Play

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Lyric videos are a thing now, and I suppose I just have to deal with that. Still, the easiest way to get me on board with your lyric video is probably by putting the lyrics on a television with scanlines to simulate a karaoke machine. Attaching the video to a massively gorgeous track from Autre Ne Veut is another way, so the two ideas together have me a little wet around the lips. "Play By Play" is the second single from ANV's upcoming LP, Anxiety; due out February 26 via Software & Mexican Summer. The track handles some heavy subject matter; tackling feelings of depression and loneliness brought on by jealousy and trying too hard to stay close to the one you love. It's a hard set of feelings to handle, but Autre Ne Veut manages to draw every ounce of beauty from the emotional outpouring so that we might still be soothed while he continues to relive the pain. Go ahead and press play on the video, and if you can guess the rhythm you can even sing along!

January 28, 2013

Introducing: Closet God

It's been a while since we last decoded modern-crooner Phil Diamond/Scammers, though he's certainly stayed productive with steady touring, recording multiple albums, defending his Kansas City home from street toughs (or at least reacting on one occasion - get a dog, dude) and launching his own private press. It's the latter that we're focusing on today, whose maidenhead was taken with two albums: the latest from Scammers - Phillipglasscandy - and what I think might be the debut from Minneapolis-based Dust Buns. Consistent curation in a label is one of the most exciting musical experiences for me; it's thrilling to get lost in a specific sonic universe and Closet God's seems populated with provocative, crazy-eyes talking to themselves in cold and ornate electronic-back-alleys; both tapes are available now.

Stream: Dust Buns - Cold Bruise
Stream: Scammers - Phillipglasscandy
If you're in one of the following cities, do see Scammers perform; the live show is really charming and memorable and not merely head-bobbing-behind-the-glow-of-a-laptop:
  • 2/16: Lawrence, KS @ Replay w/ Karma Vision, Agent X12
  • 2/19: Kansas City, MO @ The Brick
  • 2/20: Denver, CO @ Mouth House w/ Night Nurses
  • 2/21: Fort Collins, CO @ GNU w/ Sara Century
  • 2/22: Lincoln, NE @ Manticave
  • 2/23: Minneapolis, MN @ Vacation Dad's Bday Partay
  • 2/24: Chicago, IL @ Templehead Gallery w/ I Love You, Unur
  • 2/25: Cape Girardeau, MO @ Pitters w/ DJ wes ables
  • 2/26; Nashville, TN @ TBA
  • 2/27: St. Louis, MO @ TBA
RSVP and keep up to date with the tour's Facebook event page.

Photos: Unidentified by Steven Stone

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
The folks at Ben Trovato recently posted a gorgeous new photo series by Steven Stone, titled Unidentified. In an interview that BT has posted along with the photos Stone talks of being a fan of both X-Files and David Lynch, two things I'm also a fan of, and something I think becomes very evident while viewing the photos. There's a great variety of styles presented across the photos, with VHS distortion in some shots, and some flushed in a dramatic red lighting, as well as some gorgeous black-and-white shots, and even more styles still. You can view a few of my favorites here, and make sure to head over to Ben Trovato to view the entire collection and read more about the story it tells.


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Last December Ice-Skating Waiter Productions dropped a stellar compilation of thirty-three tracks that we can only hope is a taste of what's to come in 2013 from the label. The tape features a variety of twisted beat jams and droning loops so infectious you'll find yourself humming their melodies to yourself days later. With artists like VΞRACOM, Vimana Aircraft, Damien_Hirst.jpg, Beatcasso, Potensia, and plenty more; the compilation stays plenty varietous while keeping a cohesive flow that makes for a brilliantly fantastic listen suited for that slow morning wake up, afternoon relaxation, or even the late night come down.

Stream: Ice-Skating Waiter Productions - COMPILATION 1 Grab the limited edition cassette box or digital download of COMP 1 via the label's Bandcamp.


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Over the weekend Choongum released a new EP titled Passion, with the promise of a new album and a collaboration with Shisa to come in the next few weeks. The EP is a fantastic way to get things rolling, showing Choongum's further dabblings in hip-hop & R&B beat wizardry while still maintaining his soothingly ambient vibes. It's a trick he manages while, crafting beats the strike the soul in an almost warming way while still holding a bounce. The Passion EP has me pretty excited to her more from Choongum in the coming weeks.

Stream/Download: Choongum - Passion EP

Shining The Shit

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
A couple of weeks ago Waylon Thornton released a "new" EP, and I use the term new a bit lightly as the EP is actually a brief collection of touched up tracks from 2011 and 2012. Still, Shining The Shit is a bit of a return to form for Thornton that has me salivating for his balls-to-the-wall punk garage anthems I've come to love him for. When "Changalang" starts up and you hear Thornton's signature howl it's hard not to hop to your feet and immediately start twisting with the music. It's hard to say if this is a sign of things to come or a nail in the coffin, but regardless of the facts, it is a thrilling listen and a good start to 2013 for Waylon Thornton.

Stream/Download: Waylon Thornton - Shining The Shit

Fash Fwd: BMA Modified

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
BMA Modified started out as plug shop in LA back in 2008. Their name abbreviates Before Modern Astronomy, making their use of alchemical symbols and ancient religious icons seem all the more sensible. The brand has since moved into streetwear design; with a stellar assortment of tees, tanks, hoodies and beanies available. Their styles are exactly what the label says, a blend of internet and underground aesthetics, a tag that even acknowledges a bleed between cyberpunks and IRL-punks without lumping the cultures together. You can catch a few clips from their recent lookbook below and after the jump, and be sure to pop over to the store for a more in depth look at their clothing and plug selection.

January 25, 2013

Video Premiere: Sumsun - New Piano

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
At the start of the year Judson Rogers, bka Sumsun, released Avey Oliver; a new EP on Halocyan Records that is the culmination of works he began over three years, effectively connecting his older material to his more recent works in a way that seems to create a complete, albeit brief, definition of Sumsun until now. Rogers recently teamed with director Alex Pelly on a video for the track "New Piano" that aims to define another side of Sumsun; the side that has been on the road constantly over the past year while touring. The video perfectly captures a variety of natural beauty blended with a sense of that life on the road. I'll not bother you with all the details you could be watching, though. If you fall in love with the track like I have, you can grab the digital version of Avey Oliver via Halocyan, and I'm told there's an LP in the near future.

January 24, 2013

Fash Fwd/Mix: Aural Sects for Long Clothing

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
One of my favorite street wear labels out there, Long Clothing has a brilliant collection of tees and sweaters that would easily drive me broke if I weren't already. Long also has some great ties to the underground music scene, constantly putting out mixes from some of my favorite artists and record labels out there. Aural Sects recently teamed up with Long for a brutal collection of jams from the likes of Party Trash, MADDEN, WiToWMaKeR, Duchovny and more. Give a listen to the mix below, pop over here to check out more from Aural Sects, and make sure you hit up the Long Clothing store, though you might want to designate a spending limit and hide your wallet first.

Stream/Download: Aural Sects - Long Clothing Mixtape

Video Premiere: SAÅAD - Soft Drug

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
In less than a week SAÅAD's Orbs & Channels is set to drop via Hands In The Dark. If you simply can't wait, you're in luck; today we've got a gorgeous new video from the duo for "Soft Drug", a slow-burning ambient jawn brewed with emotion and tense expression. Directed by SAÅAD's own Romain Barbot along with French artist Benoît Caralp, the video is every bit as hazy and warm as the track, with a combination of visual and audio input that seems to stir the chest and create a sense of longing for everything you've ever missed. It's a powerful thing, to conjure such emotion.

January 23, 2013

Herbert Box Set

We're happy to share news that on March 4, Accidental Records will release a whopping Matthew Herbert boxed set collection of his music under only his surname, spanning from 1996's 100lbs to his most critically successful album of a decade later, Scale. The collection will naturally be a boon to those of us that like their music self-conscious, few contemporary electronic musicians having done a better job of highlighting the extent to which individual sounds can be made articulate. Regarding his ongoing archival Museum of Sound project, Herbert wrote "One of the great things about sound is that you can experience things simultaneously – you could never watch 10,000 YouTube videos at the same time but you could listen to, say, 10,000 apples being eaten at the same time, or a million people closing doors all at once." Marshaling similarly conceptually loaded sounds in his music, the manifesto that has guided Herbert compositionally makes provision for the character and origin of his sounds and samples; no drum machines, nothing that couldn't be replicated live, etc. Appropriate then that last year he would be tapped as Creative Director for the New Radiophonic Workshop, a joint BBC/Arts Council England project that will revive the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop effects studio as an online venture with offices London, revising its purpose to exploring the "challenges of creating new sounds in a world saturated in innovative music technology but lacklustre in terms of actual original output". Who knows, Accidental is Herbert's own imprint; the box set's timing suggests a push through the new Workshop may be in the works.

The collection will include...
AC63CDD - Early Herbert
"Never been released before digitally or even on CD, these two collections of tracks were released on small independent 90's dance labels that have long since folded. All are very rare and have been completely unavailable for over a decade."
Part 1 - 13 Tracks
Part 2 -14 Tracks 
AC64CDD - 100lbs (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 11 track Album
Part 2 - 13 additional bonus tracks, b sides, etc.
Part 3 - Remixes, 7 tracks 
AC65CDD - Around the House (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 11 track album
Part 2 - 10 additional bonus tracks, b sides, and remixes 
AC66CDD - Bodily Functions (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 14 track album
Part 2 - Remixes, 13 tracks from the likes of Plaid, Jamie Lidell, Matmos, DJ Koze, Dave Aju, Mr Oizo, Recloose, Richard Devine 
AC67CDD - Scale (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 11 track album
Part 2 - Remixes, 10 tracks
Part 3 - Abbey Road orchestral versions, 5 tracks
Stream: "You Saw it All" (DJ Koze Mix

Stream: "Suddeny"

You'll be able to purchase the collection March 4, 2013 from Accidental Records.

January 22, 2013


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
With their self-released debut LP, album, coming in just a couple of weeks, on February 5, clipping. have released a new track from the record. On "killer" Hutson & Snipes' production gets dissonant and slightly industrial with heavy interference from the cybersphere while Diggs hits the bars with a hammer flow that turns up the song's energy drastically, turning what might have been an ambient adventure through the mainframe as it's doused in gasoline into a hyphy anthem for the trio's distaste toward fake rappers claiming to be killers. The trio also released the above clip in promotion for album with a bit of live footage from a recent show that shows just how intense these guys can get.

Stream: clipping. - killer


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
San Diego's DUDES and Atlanta's H | p s just dropped a new split release today on Ailanthus Recordings today. DUDES kicks things off on EDEA with some funky grooves and thoroughly dreamy love songs. Afterward H | p s cleans up the dancefloor for the angsty and lonely with tracks like "Don't Care" that are infectious yet buried in thick layers of fuzz. The collective split creates the perfect mood enhancer regardless of which side of the bed you woke up on this morning.

Stream/Download: DUDES / H | p s - EDEA


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Albuquerque-based emcee and producer Mallie recently sent over this explosive collaboration with fellow Albuquerque-native Cooley Sha. "Splashy" seems to act as an anthem of sorts for the two rappers, with each using their bars to break down their credentials with shameless promotion of self. Mallie's cool flow comes across with a DGAF attitude that discourages any who try to deny him, while Cooley's more animated pace brings forth an excitement that lets you know he believes he is the greatest alive, and if reality is only what we perceive it to be then that's what truly counts. Mallie's production on the track progresses along with each rapper perfectly. If this isn't enough of the pairing for you make sure to check out their moodier collab from last summer that jumps on some slight R&B vibes, "Keys to the Car". If you're gonna be in the Albuquerque area February 19 make sure to catch Mallie along with Kids Next Door at Launchpad.

MP3: Mallie - Splashy (ft. Cooley Sha)

January 21, 2013

Video: Mater Suspiria Vision - Serenity

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Here's another video packed with sensory hyper-stimulation, this one for Mater Suspiria Vision's angst-ridden "Serenity". The title track from MSV's upcoming LP via Phantasma Disques is an intense banger that clocks in at just over 7-minutes. With distorted imagery on the same pulse as that song itself, the video can almost be a bit wearing, but if you can let go a bit and just fall into the fast paced environment of the video you're left with a powerful sense of emotion from the overload of input. Serenity is in limited quantities and the pre-order has already sold out on some of the LP and cassette packages since yesterday, so make sure to snag a copy soon via Phantasma Disques if you want one at all.

Video: Crystal Castles - Sad Eyes

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society...
Crystal Castles' (III) is still holding strong as my favorite record of last year, with every repeated play allowing me to more fully ingest the infectious production and well-thought lyricism (with a variety of criticisms on today's society that I feel a degree of alignment to.) Yesterday the duo unveiled a new video for one of the album's stand-out tracks "Sad Eyes", directed by CC's own Ethan Kath with gorgeous visuals that are right up my alley. The song's themes of depression and disconnecting are prevalent in the video, as well as Crystal Castles' colorful nature of hyper-stimulation of the senses, making it a wonderful short clip to accompany the song.

January 17, 2013

Krystal Kingdom

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Santa Cruz-based producers Mist Glider and Heart Tricks recently teamed up for a few house jams with a sci-fi bend that will have your body pulsing as you drift through the cosmos. The first track to be released from the collection is a minimal techno banger with an ethereal background that draws on a lush green world plagued by light trails with an undisturbed wildlife titled "Krystal Kingdom". It's a pretty stellar dance number that begs for us to get up and move, so press play and hop to your feet. Don't worry about a thing; let Decoder show you the way.

MP3: Mist Glider x Heart Tricks - Krystal Kingdom

Shot After Shot

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
We recently got a video for the "Band Of Brothers" side of Deez Nuts latest 7"; and now we also have a stream of the other-end of this killer double a-side from UNFD. "Shot After Shot" rides on some fast paced party-til-death vibes with brutal '90s hardcore tones that throw me back to listening to my dad's band practice in their warehouse space while I "played along" using just the neck of a guitar my uncle had replaced. It's one of the least hip-hop oriented tracks I've heard from Deez Nuts, though the lyricism is still pretty on par, with a chorus that will remind some of Danny Brown. The best thing to take from it is how at the core so many of us want the same thing from life: to just enjoy it. Now I'm gonna go dream of a Deez Nuts x Danny Brown collab (Danny'z Nuts?) while you wildly headbang around the room.

Stream: Deez Nuts - Shot After ShotPick up the Band Of Brothers/Shot After Shot double a-side 7" now via UNFD.

Conversations (Revisited)

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
My Idea of Fun co-founder and prime contributor Brandon Locher might just be a comic genius, or at the very least he has a fantastic sense of humor. Last year Liz turned us on to an awesome recorded prank idea where Locher called a random number and recorded the person on the other line saying "Hello?" repeatedly with no response. He then called someone else and played back that person's confused responses, and recorded the next set of responses. He did this in a chain and then pieced together a track that of nearly twenty-minutes of gut-busting interchanges between a variety of bewildered people. A year later he has revisited the idea and added another fifteen-minutes of interactions to the album that further the concepts and show a continued theme of arguing over who called who, not to mention how long it takes some people to hang up the phone. It's also pretty fun to try and imagine what each receiver might look like. Just press play and enjoy, I'm back to laughing now.

Stream/Download: Brandon Locher - Conversations (Revisited)


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Vektroid posted this new ambient jawn to Soundcloud at the turn of the new year. We're not sure if it's a peek at a new album, a promo piece for her gorgeous tumblr page (via the "Join The New World With Us Today... For A SAFER Tomorrow" tagline), or simply a standalone track that takes us on a paper plane ride through other planes of existence, where panel glitches and audio stretching occur in everyday interaction. Maybe the rumors of Prism Corp being run by power hungry music-slavers are true and they forced her to make the song for their own profit. Regardless of these facts, it's a pretty great track that has us hoping for a lot more Vektroid in 2013.

Stream: Vektroid - Enemy

Obsession (Bruxa Remix)

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Magic Fades' Obsession has been on steady repeat for me since its release last week via Мишка. The blending of '90 bubblegum pop with R&B and a slight injection of current hip-hop wrapped in a digitally warped veil gives the duo a sound uniquely their own. Fellow Portland group Bruxa, who also have a delicious history with Мишка, recently took to Obsession's title track and turned it into a sinful club banger that churns from a rave jam to an all out body twerker; getting beautifully darker as it progresses, and really drawing on the underlying desperation of the song's lyrics. The remix manages to separate the various elements of Magic Fades' persona and isolate them in a slightly chilled fashion, making for a fantastic rework that feels essential to understanding the original track.

Stream: Magic Fades - Obsession (Bruxa Remix) Check out the original mix, as well as the rest of Obsession, now via Мишка.

January 16, 2013

Video: Single Lash - Recurring Dream

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
In the past two months I've had the extraordinary pleasure of seeing Single Lash live three times, as they're quickly becoming a staple favorite live act in Austin for me. The band recently premiered a new video via our brethren in bloggery, Portals. The stunning clip for Almost Breathing's opening track "Recurring Dream" is directed by Melissa Cha; and if that name sounds familiar it's because she's the same genius mind behind Dylan Ettinger's "Wintermute" video from last year. The video perfectly reflects the dark and brooding nature of "Recurring Dream" and the weight of stress that such a concept can bring, without stressing the viewer or implying too disparaging an emotion. It's tough to find the balance between beauty and angst, but Cha seems to have quite the knack for it. Check out more from Single Lash's Almost Breathing LP below.

Stream: Single Lash - Almost BreathingGrab Almost Breathing in CD and digital formats via Bandcamp.

I Shouldn't Be Alive

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
I've been spending most of my social networking leisure time over at Tumblr lately, where I recently was turned on to Lagadonian. This glitched out dance starlet has dropped two EPs in the past two weeks that have been soundtracking my 3am internet binges heavily. Minimalistic droning foot -workers peek through the digital ether, as if the warbling synth notes and screwed beats are afraid to show their unmasked faces. Both I Shouldn't Be Alive & I Shouldn't Be Alive 2 are available on bandcamp as single tracks, and with each EP only consisting of a few tracks I highly recommend the combined listening method provided. Now fire up the bowl and press play. We'll see you on the other side of the cybersphere.

Lagadonian - I Shouldn't Be Alive
Lagadonian - I Shouldn't Be Alive 2


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Until recently I'd never sat in on an online live show, largely in part due to how disorganized they've always seemed when I arrived. A couple of weeks ago I attended #SPF420FEST2.0, featuring performances from Metallic Ghosts, Coolmemoryz, Infinity Frequencies, Luxury Elite, Transmuteo & Veracom as well as intermission DJing from Prism Corp. The intermission music was key, as that awkward lingering period between getting thenext set ready to stream has always been where online shows lost me. It also helped that headlining the show was Veracom, who crafted my favorite slow jam of 2012. I got there early and stuck around to not miss his set, and I am so glad now that I did. There's a lot of wonked out beat crafting and ethereal loop drones that with sooth in unsettle you in exciting ways. Thanks to this all being done on the Internet, there are obviously archives, so below are streams of all the sets played from that night (excluding Infinity Frequencies because I don't know), two of which include the video design that was being displayed with the music.

Prism Corp - Guided Meditation Session @ SPF420FEST2.0
Metallic Ghosts - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Coolmemoryz - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Luxury Elite - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Transmuteo - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Veracom - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0

Video: Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle

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I've been referring to Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" as my favorite go hard song of 2012, because any time it comes on I get amped up. The recent video for the track has an archived footage vibe that plays around with good kid, m.A.A.d city's narrative and even has an altered version of the album skits in the middle, allowing it to speak volumes about what one can expect from good kid, m.A.A.d city if they haven't given it a proper listen yet.

Blizzed Out 2013 Preview Mixx

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I'm still getting caught up on posting, but that just means there's a lot of goodies out there and I wanna make sure I deliver them all. With that said, I'm sorry that Blizzed Out's preview mix for 2013 is two weeks late. There are still 349 days left in the year for you to eagerly anticipate the cold and distant tracks the thirteen-minute mini-mix allude to. We've also got recent tracks from Shady Blaze & Squadda B with Blizzed Out on the beat, which as always means these are some of the finest techno inspired hood beats.

Blizzed Out - 2013 Preview Mixx
Shady Blaze - Fast Life (prod. by Blizzed Out)
Squadda B - Sellin Same Shit I Smoke (prod. by Blizzed Out)


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clipping. is one of my favorite recent hip-hop collaborations, with production from Captain Ahab's Jonathan Snipes & Rale's William Hutson and verses from Daveed Diggs. The trio has an intense vibe that gets dark and weird but somehow remains in touch with pop music, creating songs that get me excited as they progress. They just recently posted this off-kilter-yet-stunning cover of Karmin's "Hello" from the Mabson Enterprises Now That's What I Call Mabson 2012 compilation, and last September they released an untitled cassette EP on Deathbomb Arc. Hopefully we'll hear more in 2013 from clipping.

Stream: clipping. - Hello

Video: Bukkweat Bill - 666FOREVER

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Bukkweat Bill hails from New Smyrna Beach, Florida; a gorgeous beach town just northeast of Orlando and north of Cocoa Beach (where I dream of retiring one day.) There are currently people on the beach, and you can even look at some of them. Cloud Rap just makes sense there, and with Bukkweat Bill it's a natural fit. In the above video for "666FOREVER" he takes us on a tour of the less quaint areas of New Smyrna, and the title is a bit bleak as compared to the actual track's breezier vibes, so when he gets decidedly darker on "Lizzy Borden", another track from his upcoming EP 8886, it comes as only a slight surprise. Having grown up in a similar area of a touristy beach town I've always said that palm trees don't make it feel more exotic in the trailer park. With any vibe Bukk attacks the beat with a hungry flow and creative determination that has me excited to hear more from 8886.

Stream: Bukkweat Bill - Lizzy Borden

Fuzz Weed

I ran out of reefer last night, and I live in a state where it's not easy to re-up. But I had a good time just the same. While I was holding in the second-to-last hit, I looked at my twitter and found that the Three Lobed man had posted the official video leak from MV+EE's upcoming album. It matched the mood.

This morning everything is dull and normal, and I'm wishing I lived in Vermont, where they grow that Fuzz Weed. When I re-watch the video, though, it helps.

If you pre-order the limited-edition vinyl, you get an even more limited edition CD. And if that's not enough, they've got 99 7-disc sets of live recordings from the duo's storied performances as artists in residence at the recently deceased Zebulon.

January 15, 2013

Wood Panel Program

There is not enough harmonica these days, and that's why Joshua Barton's new cassette Wood Panel Program is such a welcome guest on the boombox in my office. Lovely waves of harmonica harmonics flow through this collection of songs, and they ease my mind. It's all simple and beautiful -- an acoustic guitar, pretty singing by a friendly man and some harmony by a beautiful women. In between the songs are field recordings. It feels like hanging out in the Midwest, which is where I grew up and where I was over the holidays to visit my grandma, who is dying. I think I could be friends with Joshua. He's the son of pentecostal preacher, but punk rock opened his musical world. There's little to suggest hardcore here, except maybe the air of authenticity and earnestness, and that's fine by me. Sometimes I just need to lean way back in my chair and look out my window on a cloudy day and let gentle music calm me. 

Lafayette Recs has the goods.

January 13, 2013

New Weird Australia Presents: Broadcast Four

In August 2012 New Weird Australia ended its long-running weekly radio show on Sydney's FBi Radio, a station whose website takes an average of three seconds to inspire urban envy. Though I'm sure the crew will be taking many heartfelt memories away with them and "friendships for a lifetime", etc, the occasion of the two hour psych-show's winding down was publicly marked last week with the issuance of Broadcast Four, an eccentric and thoughtful compilation carved from "a selection of exclusive in-studio recordings [from] the final months of the show, which wound up in August 2012. It includes new material from Abortifacient, Cycle 400, Emily Grantham, Gold Model, Haunts, Kevin Purdy, Nadir, Oscar key Sung, Pollen Trio, Seaworthy, Secret Birds, Shisd, The Sydney Radio Orchestra, Thomas William vs Scissor Lock, Whale + Cheng and Yolke." I'll say incidentally, in case the word interested you as well; an abortifacient induces abortion.

Emily Grantham - Soseeji (Live on New Weird Australia)
Abortifacient - Ripper (Live on New Weird Australia)
Download the mix here.

January 11, 2013

Mixtape: Flamingods Mix III

We last reported on Flamingods June 2012 in relation to their line of homemade condiments (truly), though they've been plenty active between now and then, preparing a new album while songwriter Kamal Rasool temporarily enjoys the hospitality of Bahrain and prepares for a short UK tour this month and February. Before that though, Kamal had a mix to get out of his system; the third in a series of three from Rasool, which will be followed this year by additions from other members of the band. Whatever his past mixes have attempted, the third may be the best place to start if you want to understand where Flamingods' characteristically cosmopolitan song-writing may be skewing in 2013; somewhere between the Panthers and Sublime Frequencies, Eric Copeland and Alice Coltrane. When you're done with the mix, you can insure the timeliness of your insight into the Flamingod sound by pre-ordering the band's new album, Sun, from Art is Hard Records.
1. Malkaus – The Panthers
2. Sei Nazo – Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings
3. Anna – The Three Suns
4. Radio Thailand – Sublime Frequencies
5. Fun Dink Death – Eric Copeland
6. Microspot2 – MrSuzen
7. Sodom and Gomorrow – The Congos
8. Peace Noodle – Chalices of the Past
9. Lucky Set (unreleased demo) – Beaty Heart
10. Sivaya – Alice Coltrane
11. Sigh – GIIA
12. On The Bed – George Harrison
13. Very 2 – Lucky Dragons
14. Ruby Soul LAO – Sun City Girls
15. Pagoda – Cabaret Scene
16. Tom Bruise – jamesDUNK
17. Soft Serve Rip Curl – Panda Bear
18. Kovito gbe de towe - Antoine Dougbe
19. Boom Music – Quasimoto
21. Salaam - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
22. Manananggal – Halo Halo
23. Shores – Islet
24. Theme From A Summer Place – Percy Faith & His Orchestra
Stream/Download: Flamingods Mix III
For more on the London band, an old Loud & Quiet interview I spotted from early last year remains the most informative. More recently, they've had a great track circulating with Dustin Wong on guitar; check that out over at Portals. Check out the first and second Flamingods mixes here and here, respectively.

January 8, 2013

She Beat All The Haters (Party Trash Remix)

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Now that you're all caught up on the newest records from Magic Fades and Party Trash (you are caught up, right?), it's time we tuned you in to this stellar reworking of Magic Fades' "She Beat All The Haters" from Party Trash. What was once a trapped out R&B smash fit for the top 40 charts is now a thumping dance-floor smash fit for the top 40 charts. Party Trash also put together a beautiful clip to accompany the track that plays out as if you'd just taken shrooms, hopped in the car, turned up the remix to 11, and went for a night-time drive in the middle of coming up. Enjoy the trip, and if you don't wreck the car you can download the track below.

MP3: Magic Fades - She Beat All The Haters (Party Trash Remix)


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Finally, Мишка's first release of 2013 is here, and this one rings especially close to my heart. I've been blasting Magic Fades for nearly two years now, and the pairing of them with one of my favorite labels around has me beyond excited. Obsession is everything I have hoped for from the Portland-based R&B duo: sparkling hooks and ethereal vocals around minimal-yet-full production that manages to encapsulate a concept of URL meets IRL that I live for. The record also includes features from Blam Lord and Slow Head, as well as remixes from Veracom, Interiors and Quarry, in case it weren't already perfect enough. I'll quit obsessing (pun obvs intended) now and let you press play.

Stream/Download: Magic Fades - Obsession

a very thoed tape

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Party Trash is one of my favorite producers out there right now. He manages to walk a line between dark soul music and glistening feel-good jams like few others can; constantly churning out bangers that stick to my ribs. He recently dropped a very thoed tape, a new collection of beats that is exactly what it says. Some of the beats may sound familiar, as a number of them have appeared on recent mixtapes from Sortahuman, Yung Yadi, Th@ Kid, and more. That gorgeous artwork above is also the product of Th@ Kid, by the by. Now turn the headphones up loud and pack a bowl of loud. All loud everything.

Stream: Party Trash - a very thoed tapeGrab all 25 tracks of a very thoed tape for a cool $3 via Bandcamp.

Mostly Peace / Mostly Power

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Zachg should be a constant inspiration for anyone trying to do anything. The amount of work he puts in toward any goal he has is astounding and non-representative of a laziness that seems to plague so much of our generation. He doesn't wait for anything to be handed to him, evidenced by his quest to release 20 albums by the end of 2012. On December 31 Zachg hit us with a double-EP release on his own Rad Reef imprint, in the form of Mostly Peace and Mostly Power, to round out his year of releases and officially complete that goal. In case that high level of output has you skeptical of the quality, fret not. Zachg's ambition does not stifle his creative output in the slightest, as he still manages to be one of the most innovative emcees around while always retaining a vibe reminiscent of classic hip-hop. On top of that, he's possibly the only rapper out there to have been bitten by a dolphin, so that even the porpoises fear him to the point of attack has to mean something right?

Zachg - Mostly Peace
Zachg - Mostly Power

Video: Mobbin No Sobbin - Trill Hoe (Trillionaire)

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Austin-based rapper Western Tink recently teamed with French Films for this awesomely goofy gangster clip. "Trill Hoe (Trillionaire)" is a Mobbin No Sobbin (Western Tink x Beautiful Lou) cut from the recent Fool's Gold Loosies compilation and one of my favorite tracks from the pairing yet. The clip features some hilarious imagery of Tink using toy guns to hold people up for paper hearts, assumedly depicting stealing the love of the masses. It's pretty great watching Tink and his getaway girl make it rain hearts after a successful night. If you're in the Austin area this Friday Tink will be performing at Frontier Bar alongside Killa Kyleon, V.I.P., League of Extraordinary G'z, Doughbeezy, Worldwide, Tunk, Gerald G, LNS, Milli Mars, Topic, Lyric Michelle, and Sertified for an incredibly stacked FREE show. If  you aren't in Austin you can still stream the show via Optimo Radio.

January 7, 2013

Premiere: RLG - At This Moment (Outchea)

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The homies from RLG just hooked us up with the drop on this heavy hitting new banger, "At This Moment (Outchea)". Produced by Strat Carter, this one features Trizzy, Jonny K., and Chuck Larry on the verses, and also Jay Tremaine on the chorus. All three rappers attack Carter's explosive beat with ferocious intensity, laying down some pretty convincing arguments on why their time is coming. Trizzy has been one of my favorite up and coming young emcees for about a year now, and every time I hear from either Jonny or Chuck it seems as if they've stepped up their game ten times. Jonny's flow on this one easily leaves him with my favorite verse on "At This Moment". Tremaine's chorus is also a perfectly smooth accent to track, and hammers in the point that 2013 is RLG's year to shine. Turn it up in the headphones.

Stream/Download: RLG - At This Moment (Outchea)

Video Premiere: Elen Never Sleeps: Silver

Ricardo Stacey, the elusive man behind Windsor, Ontario's dreamy Cassida Pax, has also decided to bless us mortals with a new label, Memory No. 36. First up on the release schedule is a new EP from Tokyo's spaced-out bliss-pop project Elen Never Sleeps, entitled 'Silver'. We're excited to premiere the title track from that release, an ideal three-minute slice of hazy, twilit crooning that's sure to make you pine for the warmer, sunkissed months (or at least someone with which to share winter's frozen depths). The premiere is accompanied by an exclusive video from the always-masterful Joshua Rogers at Broken Machine Films. The 'Silver' EP arrives later this January. Put on your best headphones and drift into joy.

Clear Eyes

As 2012 drew itself to a close, folding in on itself like a doughball before being shelved to proof, trans-Atlatnic electro imprint Cascine offered up "Unity", the first single from Brooklyn producer and filmmaker Duncan Cooper's debut digital EP Clear Eyes. Slated for release February 5, the EP was more recently previewed over at Dazed Digital, who shared the opener "Full Hearts", along with a short interview that's certainly worth a read (you'll find insight into that magnificent cover art gratifying, if nothing else: "The smiley is just—can I take that time-muddling, beautiful [painting] I love and make it fun and stupid, too?"). The music is bright and optomistic, charged with cinematic emotion by Cooper's experience as a filmmaker. Having learned to render concepts in film, he takes the best elements of contemporary electronic as a framework for his distinctive repertoire of sounds; the tribal, rounded tones of marimba, precisely deployed vocal samples, and a menagerie of synths that link Wildarms with his larger output as a multimedia artist. To that end, I really recommend looking at Wildarms in the light of Cooper's other work, his videos and writing for the FADER included - back when Duncan was going by Wildarms Santana, early last year, we posted a video he made for "Problems Start", a pre-EP single he was kind enough to share. However you slice it, Cooper's debut is a strong one, and accessible to boot. Hopefully we'll have news of a debut physical release before too long.

Stream: Wildarms - "Unity" and "Full Hearts" (via Dazed Digital)

Preorder the EP from iTunes.