January 8, 2013

a very thoed tape

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Party Trash is one of my favorite producers out there right now. He manages to walk a line between dark soul music and glistening feel-good jams like few others can; constantly churning out bangers that stick to my ribs. He recently dropped a very thoed tape, a new collection of beats that is exactly what it says. Some of the beats may sound familiar, as a number of them have appeared on recent mixtapes from Sortahuman, Yung Yadi, Th@ Kid, and more. That gorgeous artwork above is also the product of Th@ Kid, by the by. Now turn the headphones up loud and pack a bowl of loud. All loud everything.

Stream: Party Trash - a very thoed tapeGrab all 25 tracks of a very thoed tape for a cool $3 via Bandcamp.

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