January 16, 2013

Blizzed Out 2013 Preview Mixx

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
I'm still getting caught up on posting, but that just means there's a lot of goodies out there and I wanna make sure I deliver them all. With that said, I'm sorry that Blizzed Out's preview mix for 2013 is two weeks late. There are still 349 days left in the year for you to eagerly anticipate the cold and distant tracks the thirteen-minute mini-mix allude to. We've also got recent tracks from Shady Blaze & Squadda B with Blizzed Out on the beat, which as always means these are some of the finest techno inspired hood beats.

Blizzed Out - 2013 Preview Mixx
Shady Blaze - Fast Life (prod. by Blizzed Out)
Squadda B - Sellin Same Shit I Smoke (prod. by Blizzed Out)

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