January 29, 2013

Buddy Icon

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
The cuties in Museum Mouth have been hard at work on their third full-length record. While the band is excited for the new record, promising it will be "really cool you guys." If you're worried about whether or not they can be taken for their word, however, MM has left us with a little evidence to support their claims. "Buddy Icon" is a demo that didn't quite fit on the record, so the band has decided to give away the song while they continue to finish up mastering on the new LP. It's a wonderfully fuzzy pop-punk track that touches on disheartening subjects based upon love while harkening back to early high school times with the Internet and AIM, as you might have come to expect from Museum Mouth by now. The band always keeps it real and close to the heart, and if "Buddy Icon" is only a demoed preview of what's to come, I couldn't be more excited.

MP3: Museum Mouth - Buddy Icon

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