January 7, 2013

Clear Eyes

As 2012 drew itself to a close, folding in on itself like a doughball before being shelved to proof, trans-Atlatnic electro imprint Cascine offered up "Unity", the first single from Brooklyn producer and filmmaker Duncan Cooper's debut digital EP Clear Eyes. Slated for release February 5, the EP was more recently previewed over at Dazed Digital, who shared the opener "Full Hearts", along with a short interview that's certainly worth a read (you'll find insight into that magnificent cover art gratifying, if nothing else: "The smiley is just—can I take that time-muddling, beautiful [painting] I love and make it fun and stupid, too?"). The music is bright and optomistic, charged with cinematic emotion by Cooper's experience as a filmmaker. Having learned to render concepts in film, he takes the best elements of contemporary electronic as a framework for his distinctive repertoire of sounds; the tribal, rounded tones of marimba, precisely deployed vocal samples, and a menagerie of synths that link Wildarms with his larger output as a multimedia artist. To that end, I really recommend looking at Wildarms in the light of Cooper's other work, his videos and writing for the FADER included - back when Duncan was going by Wildarms Santana, early last year, we posted a video he made for "Problems Start", a pre-EP single he was kind enough to share. However you slice it, Cooper's debut is a strong one, and accessible to boot. Hopefully we'll have news of a debut physical release before too long.

Stream: Wildarms - "Unity" and "Full Hearts" (via Dazed Digital)

Preorder the EP from iTunes.

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