January 29, 2013

Cold War

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
La Big Vic have always had a wonderfully unique sound, managing to weave classical music elements into modern sounding experimental songs in a way I've not heard anyone else pull off. Today the trio have dropped their latest album, Cold War, via the inimitable Underwater Peoples. The LP has a full range of emotion, going from smooth and mellow to frantic and charged while always maintaining a full sound that envelopes the listener. Beneath the surface of each track swirls of synth churn, bubbling beneath delicate vocals and hip-hop oriented production that floats alongside often jazzy and/or funky instrumentation. It's an all-over sound that makes La Big Vic hard to pin down into one category; subsequently making Cold War a truly refreshing listen.

La Big Vic - All That Heaven Allows La Big Vic - Ave B Pick up the Cold War 12" now via Underwater Peoples.

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