January 28, 2013


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Last December Ice-Skating Waiter Productions dropped a stellar compilation of thirty-three tracks that we can only hope is a taste of what's to come in 2013 from the label. The tape features a variety of twisted beat jams and droning loops so infectious you'll find yourself humming their melodies to yourself days later. With artists like VΞRACOM, Vimana Aircraft, Damien_Hirst.jpg, Beatcasso, Potensia, and plenty more; the compilation stays plenty varietous while keeping a cohesive flow that makes for a brilliantly fantastic listen suited for that slow morning wake up, afternoon relaxation, or even the late night come down.

Stream: Ice-Skating Waiter Productions - COMPILATION 1 Grab the limited edition cassette box or digital download of COMP 1 via the label's Bandcamp.

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