January 17, 2013

Conversations (Revisited)

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
My Idea of Fun co-founder and prime contributor Brandon Locher might just be a comic genius, or at the very least he has a fantastic sense of humor. Last year Liz turned us on to an awesome recorded prank idea where Locher called a random number and recorded the person on the other line saying "Hello?" repeatedly with no response. He then called someone else and played back that person's confused responses, and recorded the next set of responses. He did this in a chain and then pieced together a track that of nearly twenty-minutes of gut-busting interchanges between a variety of bewildered people. A year later he has revisited the idea and added another fifteen-minutes of interactions to the album that further the concepts and show a continued theme of arguing over who called who, not to mention how long it takes some people to hang up the phone. It's also pretty fun to try and imagine what each receiver might look like. Just press play and enjoy, I'm back to laughing now.

Stream/Download: Brandon Locher - Conversations (Revisited)

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