January 4, 2013


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
During the peak of the whole seapunk craze I remember really being struck by Tropicult, a joint album venture between Myrrh Ka Ba and Zombelle. I still don't know what defines something as seapunk aside from album art, but the dark brooding nature of the album reminded me a lot of Pocahaunted with just a bit more tension and malaise. For whatever reason Tundra Dubs later removed the album from their available catalog, but that's clearly not due to any bad relations with Myrrh Ka Ba. On December 21 Tundra dropped new EP from Myrrh Ka Ba that also features new remixes of ∆AIMON & SKELETONKIDS. Eschatonique kicks off with the remixes before launching into four absolutely stunning new bangers from Myrrh Ka Ba that manage to leave the listener whistful for the '90s and hopeful toward the future at once. The title track even features a Sublime sample (rework?) from "Wrong Way" that will likely leave you jumping up and down saying "whoa!" repeatedly. There's also a track titled "Extreme-G" that I can only hope refers to the best racing game of all time. I still haven't published my personal full list of favorite releases from 2012, but I can promise you this one's on there, so go ahead; press play and enjoy.

Stream: Myrrh Ka Ba - EschatoniquePick up the entire EP digitally for a mere $.99 via Tundra Dubs.

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