January 23, 2013

Herbert Box Set

We're happy to share news that on March 4, Accidental Records will release a whopping Matthew Herbert boxed set collection of his music under only his surname, spanning from 1996's 100lbs to his most critically successful album of a decade later, Scale. The collection will naturally be a boon to those of us that like their music self-conscious, few contemporary electronic musicians having done a better job of highlighting the extent to which individual sounds can be made articulate. Regarding his ongoing archival Museum of Sound project, Herbert wrote "One of the great things about sound is that you can experience things simultaneously – you could never watch 10,000 YouTube videos at the same time but you could listen to, say, 10,000 apples being eaten at the same time, or a million people closing doors all at once." Marshaling similarly conceptually loaded sounds in his music, the manifesto that has guided Herbert compositionally makes provision for the character and origin of his sounds and samples; no drum machines, nothing that couldn't be replicated live, etc. Appropriate then that last year he would be tapped as Creative Director for the New Radiophonic Workshop, a joint BBC/Arts Council England project that will revive the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop effects studio as an online venture with offices London, revising its purpose to exploring the "challenges of creating new sounds in a world saturated in innovative music technology but lacklustre in terms of actual original output". Who knows, Accidental is Herbert's own imprint; the box set's timing suggests a push through the new Workshop may be in the works.

The collection will include...
AC63CDD - Early Herbert
"Never been released before digitally or even on CD, these two collections of tracks were released on small independent 90's dance labels that have long since folded. All are very rare and have been completely unavailable for over a decade."
Part 1 - 13 Tracks
Part 2 -14 Tracks 
AC64CDD - 100lbs (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 11 track Album
Part 2 - 13 additional bonus tracks, b sides, etc.
Part 3 - Remixes, 7 tracks 
AC65CDD - Around the House (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 11 track album
Part 2 - 10 additional bonus tracks, b sides, and remixes 
AC66CDD - Bodily Functions (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 14 track album
Part 2 - Remixes, 13 tracks from the likes of Plaid, Jamie Lidell, Matmos, DJ Koze, Dave Aju, Mr Oizo, Recloose, Richard Devine 
AC67CDD - Scale (Special Edition)
Part 1 - Original 11 track album
Part 2 - Remixes, 10 tracks
Part 3 - Abbey Road orchestral versions, 5 tracks
Stream: "You Saw it All" (DJ Koze Mix

Stream: "Suddeny"

You'll be able to purchase the collection March 4, 2013 from Accidental Records.

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