January 28, 2013

Introducing: Closet God

It's been a while since we last decoded modern-crooner Phil Diamond/Scammers, though he's certainly stayed productive with steady touring, recording multiple albums, defending his Kansas City home from street toughs (or at least reacting on one occasion - get a dog, dude) and launching his own private press. It's the latter that we're focusing on today, whose maidenhead was taken with two albums: the latest from Scammers - Phillipglasscandy - and what I think might be the debut from Minneapolis-based Dust Buns. Consistent curation in a label is one of the most exciting musical experiences for me; it's thrilling to get lost in a specific sonic universe and Closet God's seems populated with provocative, crazy-eyes talking to themselves in cold and ornate electronic-back-alleys; both tapes are available now.

Stream: Dust Buns - Cold Bruise
Stream: Scammers - Phillipglasscandy
If you're in one of the following cities, do see Scammers perform; the live show is really charming and memorable and not merely head-bobbing-behind-the-glow-of-a-laptop:
  • 2/16: Lawrence, KS @ Replay w/ Karma Vision, Agent X12
  • 2/19: Kansas City, MO @ The Brick
  • 2/20: Denver, CO @ Mouth House w/ Night Nurses
  • 2/21: Fort Collins, CO @ GNU w/ Sara Century
  • 2/22: Lincoln, NE @ Manticave
  • 2/23: Minneapolis, MN @ Vacation Dad's Bday Partay
  • 2/24: Chicago, IL @ Templehead Gallery w/ I Love You, Unur
  • 2/25: Cape Girardeau, MO @ Pitters w/ DJ wes ables
  • 2/26; Nashville, TN @ TBA
  • 2/27: St. Louis, MO @ TBA
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