January 4, 2013


Zonotope™ is Brooklyn's Lucas Nathan, or was, rather, being his moniker prior to the christening of Jerry Paper, which he debuted on Digitalis Recordings with his cassette Volume 1. On December 21, 2012 - "the super-day . . . earth's most important day in history" - Nathan collected his Zonotope™ recordings for MAINFRAME'S Tetralogy, an anthology that presumably complete's the analog consciousness of "Zonotope™", hence the name's demise. Though the "singles" from the anthology might give the impression that Nathan is "a cyborg", as nerds who make experimental music for hip audiences are sometimes termed, and depending on your associative range that might cover all the bases here. Precocious instrumentation and vocals alongside the synthesized whir of an electric organ, but there's none of the freneticism or self-absorbed urgency I'm used to hearing in this sort of concept-pop. Even at nearly an hour and a half long, the variety here never wears thin and by the end of a section I'm consistently surprised to find myself still relaxed, energized, and engaged by Zonotope™.

Editor's Note: Jheri had this tape on his review list for this week too, which I suppose is as close as we'll ever get to issuing a positive letter grade.

Purchase MAINFRAME'S Tetralogy on cassette from Does Are or stream and buy on bandcamp.

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