January 4, 2013

Mashugana Holiday

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Michael Myerz never ceases to amaze me with endless new music that is always wholly representative of himself. I feel like being a white, Jewish rapper who wasn't previously a Wall Street stock broker has to be tough, but he makes it looks so effortless. On his most recent EP, Mashugana Holiday, Myerz goes as hard as he's ever gone over a series of stellar beats from Necedah. "Taste of Spite" shows the young rapper giving no remorse for having differing opinions (such as his dislike of Flying Lotus and the hype surrounding him.) It's an attitude that many are quick to praise until his opinions start to go against their own, but it's hard for me to not just admire Myerz for being willing to share his thoughts despite any reaction. The holidaze have come and gone, but this EP is still worth a few listens, so hop to it!

Stream/Download: Michael Myerz x Necedah - Mashugana Holiday

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