January 11, 2013

Mixtape: Flamingods Mix III

We last reported on Flamingods June 2012 in relation to their line of homemade condiments (truly), though they've been plenty active between now and then, preparing a new album while songwriter Kamal Rasool temporarily enjoys the hospitality of Bahrain and prepares for a short UK tour this month and February. Before that though, Kamal had a mix to get out of his system; the third in a series of three from Rasool, which will be followed this year by additions from other members of the band. Whatever his past mixes have attempted, the third may be the best place to start if you want to understand where Flamingods' characteristically cosmopolitan song-writing may be skewing in 2013; somewhere between the Panthers and Sublime Frequencies, Eric Copeland and Alice Coltrane. When you're done with the mix, you can insure the timeliness of your insight into the Flamingod sound by pre-ordering the band's new album, Sun, from Art is Hard Records.
1. Malkaus – The Panthers
2. Sei Nazo – Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings
3. Anna – The Three Suns
4. Radio Thailand – Sublime Frequencies
5. Fun Dink Death – Eric Copeland
6. Microspot2 – MrSuzen
7. Sodom and Gomorrow – The Congos
8. Peace Noodle – Chalices of the Past
9. Lucky Set (unreleased demo) – Beaty Heart
10. Sivaya – Alice Coltrane
11. Sigh – GIIA
12. On The Bed – George Harrison
13. Very 2 – Lucky Dragons
14. Ruby Soul LAO – Sun City Girls
15. Pagoda – Cabaret Scene
16. Tom Bruise – jamesDUNK
17. Soft Serve Rip Curl – Panda Bear
18. Kovito gbe de towe - Antoine Dougbe
19. Boom Music – Quasimoto
21. Salaam - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
22. Manananggal – Halo Halo
23. Shores – Islet
24. Theme From A Summer Place – Percy Faith & His Orchestra
Stream/Download: Flamingods Mix III
For more on the London band, an old Loud & Quiet interview I spotted from early last year remains the most informative. More recently, they've had a great track circulating with Dustin Wong on guitar; check that out over at Portals. Check out the first and second Flamingods mixes here and here, respectively.

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