January 30, 2013

Morning Swim

When it comes to Glenn Jackson's public image (I've included one of his glossies below) I feel a strong personal investment, my wife having designed several album covers for his band James & Evander. To that end, I would like to thank Mr. Alex Koplin for crafting the appealing artwork above to accompany Glenn's first solo sortie against the forces of mediocrity, Morning Swim, a three track EP of mellow movers, moody but gripping electronic dance music that keeps a bright register in more than one way thanks to Jackson's evident love of his form and craft. He's such a nice guy, I'll even forego the Narcissus joke I just started. 

Though we know Glenn well from his exploits in various Oakland and Bay Area projects, the latter part of 2012 and 2013 have seen a significant musical coming out for him; James & Evander had a productive close of the year, his collaborative electronic imprint West in Dust (run with regular collaborator Dave Reep of Elephant & Castle) has plenty planned to follow their successful debuts last year, and now Ceremony will issue his first solo EP on February 5th. Judging from the early reviews, hopefully we'll have more "solo" material to digest soon. In any event, the latest single on the block is "Morning Swim", the EP's taut opener, though I have to follow it with my personal favorite, "Save", where elegant piano and string loops make for one of the release's most idiosyncratic cuts.

Stream/Download: Glenn Jackson - "Morning Swim"

Glenn Jackson - Save
Keep your eyes peeled over at Ceremony Recordings for more news.

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