January 8, 2013

Mostly Peace / Mostly Power

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Zachg should be a constant inspiration for anyone trying to do anything. The amount of work he puts in toward any goal he has is astounding and non-representative of a laziness that seems to plague so much of our generation. He doesn't wait for anything to be handed to him, evidenced by his quest to release 20 albums by the end of 2012. On December 31 Zachg hit us with a double-EP release on his own Rad Reef imprint, in the form of Mostly Peace and Mostly Power, to round out his year of releases and officially complete that goal. In case that high level of output has you skeptical of the quality, fret not. Zachg's ambition does not stifle his creative output in the slightest, as he still manages to be one of the most innovative emcees around while always retaining a vibe reminiscent of classic hip-hop. On top of that, he's possibly the only rapper out there to have been bitten by a dolphin, so that even the porpoises fear him to the point of attack has to mean something right?

Zachg - Mostly Peace
Zachg - Mostly Power

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