January 17, 2013

Obsession (Bruxa Remix)

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Magic Fades' Obsession has been on steady repeat for me since its release last week via Мишка. The blending of '90 bubblegum pop with R&B and a slight injection of current hip-hop wrapped in a digitally warped veil gives the duo a sound uniquely their own. Fellow Portland group Bruxa, who also have a delicious history with Мишка, recently took to Obsession's title track and turned it into a sinful club banger that churns from a rave jam to an all out body twerker; getting beautifully darker as it progresses, and really drawing on the underlying desperation of the song's lyrics. The remix manages to separate the various elements of Magic Fades' persona and isolate them in a slightly chilled fashion, making for a fantastic rework that feels essential to understanding the original track.

Stream: Magic Fades - Obsession (Bruxa Remix) Check out the original mix, as well as the rest of Obsession, now via Мишка.

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