January 8, 2013


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Finally, Мишка's first release of 2013 is here, and this one rings especially close to my heart. I've been blasting Magic Fades for nearly two years now, and the pairing of them with one of my favorite labels around has me beyond excited. Obsession is everything I have hoped for from the Portland-based R&B duo: sparkling hooks and ethereal vocals around minimal-yet-full production that manages to encapsulate a concept of URL meets IRL that I live for. The record also includes features from Blam Lord and Slow Head, as well as remixes from Veracom, Interiors and Quarry, in case it weren't already perfect enough. I'll quit obsessing (pun obvs intended) now and let you press play.

Stream/Download: Magic Fades - Obsession