January 29, 2013

Play By Play

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Lyric videos are a thing now, and I suppose I just have to deal with that. Still, the easiest way to get me on board with your lyric video is probably by putting the lyrics on a television with scanlines to simulate a karaoke machine. Attaching the video to a massively gorgeous track from Autre Ne Veut is another way, so the two ideas together have me a little wet around the lips. "Play By Play" is the second single from ANV's upcoming LP, Anxiety; due out February 26 via Software & Mexican Summer. The track handles some heavy subject matter; tackling feelings of depression and loneliness brought on by jealousy and trying too hard to stay close to the one you love. It's a hard set of feelings to handle, but Autre Ne Veut manages to draw every ounce of beauty from the emotional outpouring so that we might still be soothed while he continues to relive the pain. Go ahead and press play on the video, and if you can guess the rhythm you can even sing along!

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