January 2, 2013

Private Planet

• Me after the @StonesThrow #NYE Party, taking 1 of those pics that people like to take, standing in front of a mirror, with their cell phone clearly showing in plain site. Yeah, 1 of those kinds of pics. • Goodbye 2012 & hello 2013 • My word of advice for 2013, based on experiences I've gathered up, in all parts of the world: Stay #different. In, no matter what it is U do... Stay #different. *You'll see what I'm taking about L8R. *Peace. & again; #HappyNewYear! • #DaMFunK •

I'd like to encourage everyone to open the new year with my favorite contemporary musician: Dam-Funk. He must average a song a day, and has given away more music to his fans than some artists have released in their entire career. My favorite free tracks are the sprawling ones, like "Paradise" (17:48) and "TheLoneLAFunksta" (12:09). This latest - "Private Planet" - is nearly fourteen minutes. I wish every DF song was as long as forever. Get in the glydezone.

 Stream: Dam-Funk "Private Planet" (Unreleased)

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