January 17, 2013

Shot After Shot

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
We recently got a video for the "Band Of Brothers" side of Deez Nuts latest 7"; and now we also have a stream of the other-end of this killer double a-side from UNFD. "Shot After Shot" rides on some fast paced party-til-death vibes with brutal '90s hardcore tones that throw me back to listening to my dad's band practice in their warehouse space while I "played along" using just the neck of a guitar my uncle had replaced. It's one of the least hip-hop oriented tracks I've heard from Deez Nuts, though the lyricism is still pretty on par, with a chorus that will remind some of Danny Brown. The best thing to take from it is how at the core so many of us want the same thing from life: to just enjoy it. Now I'm gonna go dream of a Deez Nuts x Danny Brown collab (Danny'z Nuts?) while you wildly headbang around the room.

Stream: Deez Nuts - Shot After ShotPick up the Band Of Brothers/Shot After Shot double a-side 7" now via UNFD.

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