January 16, 2013


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Until recently I'd never sat in on an online live show, largely in part due to how disorganized they've always seemed when I arrived. A couple of weeks ago I attended #SPF420FEST2.0, featuring performances from Metallic Ghosts, Coolmemoryz, Infinity Frequencies, Luxury Elite, Transmuteo & Veracom as well as intermission DJing from Prism Corp. The intermission music was key, as that awkward lingering period between getting thenext set ready to stream has always been where online shows lost me. It also helped that headlining the show was Veracom, who crafted my favorite slow jam of 2012. I got there early and stuck around to not miss his set, and I am so glad now that I did. There's a lot of wonked out beat crafting and ethereal loop drones that with sooth in unsettle you in exciting ways. Thanks to this all being done on the Internet, there are obviously archives, so below are streams of all the sets played from that night (excluding Infinity Frequencies because I don't know), two of which include the video design that was being displayed with the music.

Prism Corp - Guided Meditation Session @ SPF420FEST2.0
Metallic Ghosts - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Coolmemoryz - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Luxury Elite - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Transmuteo - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0
Veracom - Live @ #SPF420FEST2.0


  1. did anyone ever tell u guys that your writing style is like a high school newspaper music reviews section

    1. Oh you work at pitchfork? Please share with us some of your groundbreaking music reviews.

  2. This is a great, if brief, review.