January 29, 2013

Under Attack

It's probably unnecessary for me to contribute another piece of blog-commentary on the 'why' behind the emerging independent bedroom R&B scene; what's clear is that the cream is rising to the top. Obvious contemporary highlights seem to include the restraint and supreme musicianship of LA's Inc. and the emotional and production complexity of NY's Autre Ne Veut; these are artists that Decoder-devotees are likely familiar with. Perhaps a more obscure project (presently obscured, anyway) is Portland, OR-based Shy Girls, who've earned their highlight status via front man Dan Vidmar's well-above-average songwriting and the live incarnation's exuberant, vital performances (on stage, Shy Girls manifests as a competent 7-piece group). This isn't merely an exercise in hot aesthetics, but rather a choice (and wholly appropriate) sound palette for Vidmar to filter his songs through. "Under Attack" is a good demonstration and an excellent song; while we wait for the world to get turned on to the Girls and for more recordings to surface, new listeners can also check out the 2011 debut Sex in the City EP.

Stream: Shy Girls "Under Attack"

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