January 16, 2013

Video: Bukkweat Bill - 666FOREVER

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Bukkweat Bill hails from New Smyrna Beach, Florida; a gorgeous beach town just northeast of Orlando and north of Cocoa Beach (where I dream of retiring one day.) There are currently people on the beach, and you can even look at some of them. Cloud Rap just makes sense there, and with Bukkweat Bill it's a natural fit. In the above video for "666FOREVER" he takes us on a tour of the less quaint areas of New Smyrna, and the title is a bit bleak as compared to the actual track's breezier vibes, so when he gets decidedly darker on "Lizzy Borden", another track from his upcoming EP 8886, it comes as only a slight surprise. Having grown up in a similar area of a touristy beach town I've always said that palm trees don't make it feel more exotic in the trailer park. With any vibe Bukk attacks the beat with a hungry flow and creative determination that has me excited to hear more from 8886.

Stream: Bukkweat Bill - Lizzy Borden

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