January 29, 2013

Video: Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Last week Chelsea Wolfe unveiled her recent video collaboration with Converse and Decibel; a stunning visual accompaniment for "Flatlands", from her recent acoustic album Unknown Rooms. Directed by Charlene Bagcal, the video plays on the muted but dark natures of Wolfe's music; managing to draw out the perceived fragility of the song through bleak imagery that still teeters on hopeful edges. "Flatlands" grows brighter as the track progresses, moving from a desperate desire to a confident goal. As the video progresses from a woeful interior to a sun-lit exterior, we even see a smile creep upon Chelsea Wolfe's face, lending to the idea of a bright future.

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  1. Here's a remix of Flatlands: