January 5, 2013

Video: Deez Nuts - Band Of Brothers ft. Sam Carter

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
I haven't been much of a fan for hardcore music since high school, and I've become even less a fan of the genre since I quit drinking a few years ago and started working on freeing myself of anger. That said, not all hardcore rock is "angry music", and there are still bands in the genre that catch my attention; largely thanks to my buddy Joe. A couple of years ago Joe turned me on to Deez Nuts, an Australian hardcore band with hip-hop influences that actually proclaims the mantra of "Drink to Death." How's that for situational irony? Deez Nuts is very obviously about partying and having fun, and that's cool, but what really strikes me in their songs is the obvious sense of camaraderie that the members have. I've long admired the way that hardcore scenes in different cities tend to have a strong sense of physical community that a lot of other sub-genre cultures lack. On their newest single, "Band Of Brothers" featuring Sam Carter of Architects, Deez Nuts strongly represents the idea that with our friends (read: brothers) we will weather all storms and achieve to our greatest potential; a concept that I wholly agree with. A couple of weeks ago the band released the above video, featuring black-and-white clips of live performance as well as the band and their friends having a general good time. It's a straight-forward clip that holds true to the nature of the song, so turn the speakers up to 11, grab your homies, and press play. If you dig it make sure to grab the "Band Of Brothers"/"Shot After Shot" double a-side 7" via UNFD, which also comes with a Deez Nuts custom shot glass.

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