January 25, 2013

Video Premiere: Sumsun - New Piano

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
At the start of the year Judson Rogers, bka Sumsun, released Avey Oliver; a new EP on Halocyan Records that is the culmination of works he began over three years, effectively connecting his older material to his more recent works in a way that seems to create a complete, albeit brief, definition of Sumsun until now. Rogers recently teamed with director Alex Pelly on a video for the track "New Piano" that aims to define another side of Sumsun; the side that has been on the road constantly over the past year while touring. The video perfectly captures a variety of natural beauty blended with a sense of that life on the road. I'll not bother you with all the details you could be watching, though. If you fall in love with the track like I have, you can grab the digital version of Avey Oliver via Halocyan, and I'm told there's an LP in the near future.

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