February 1, 2013

Behind the Mirror

The second album from Chicago's Outer Minds, titled Behind the Mirror, is a much belated re-introduction to FDH Records for me, as well as being a welcome first introduction to the label's collaborators at Resurrection (Red Lounge Records is handling European distribution). Having said that, I like garage/punk blog Get Bent's description of the album: "The gold trimmings on the carousel are mighty enticing, but its teeth-baring horses are implicitly terrifying", though I would say the band's sound isn't quite as scornfully dismissive as the typical rictus on carousel horses. Darker than their self-titled debut LP on Southpaw, Behind the Mirror may be the deliberate contraposto the name of the record suggests. The almost eponymous track "Look Behind the Mirror" being to my mind the most representative instance, though tracks like "Those Machines" convey a similar urgency in the new ambiance and "We Are All Stone" is a particularly sharp turn toward a more moody, "mystic" psychedelia. Darker or not, the band's stylistic shifts on Behind the Mirror don't really feel watershed; if anything it sounds more coherent and mature, individual songs are more robust and the album as a whole feels like a singular transmission. 

Outer Minds - Those Machines
Outer Minds - We Are All Stone
Europeans, head on over to Red Lounge if you'd like to purchase a copy; Americans, we've got FDH covering the East Coast and Resurrection out West.

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