February 4, 2013


As the purveyor of rising Portland, Oregon boutique label Clothbound Recordings, Bryan Ruhe assembles little bits of mystery and joy from the tattered pages and corroded scraps of modern antiquity. As Ruhe begins to step into the proverbial spotlight more and more with his own music, this trend carries over into his recorded works. The six pieces that make up Easing, his newest record from Cotton Goods, are set adrift in a gently swelling lo-fi sea, all pillowed ambiance and washes of hazy atmospherics. There's a tug of vague intensity in the assorted tape noise and broken loops, which elevates a merely pretty ambient release into something much more haunting and spectral. It seems Mr. Ruhe has arrived with unique aesthetic firmly in hand. While he's been studying the great works, he's been meticulously taking notes, as well.

Easing was limited to 100 copies from Cotton Goods, and has unfortunately already sold out.

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