February 23, 2013

eaT biskiT

Thanks to a prying Google search and the unexpected arrival of Gut Nose's eaT biskiT ep in the mail last week, I know that Biskit is a Python based open source software package. Moreover, I'm treated to a reminder of those Chicken Biskit snacks that for some reason only I detest. After shuddering at that for a moment, I discover that eaT biskiT is the debut beat-tape from the New York based Gut Nose, the product of I'd imagine at least a decade's worth of his associative engine churning discretely at all hours. Self described as a "groovy dystopian sci-fi soundtrack", I can't help but wonder what grooves in a dystopia. The standard in this one is surprisingly structured and casually immersive, repeated patterns keeping Gut Nose's distortion and noise moving with a more familiar sounding swing; all and all, the exquisite artifice of eaT biskiT makes for unusually comfortable spectatorship, in spite of its innovative deployment of sounds and samples.

Update: An intrepid commentor seems to have clarified the "biskit" reference, putting a name (and web presence) to the little plated "OTO Biscuit" synth on eaT biskiT's cover art. The more you know!

Purchase a copy of the extremely limited eaT biskiT cassette edition from Gut Nose's bandcamp.

I daresay this is the reddest post that's ever graced the blog.


  1. I think he's actually referring to the OTO Biscuit http://www.otomachines.com/biscuit.html

    1. Ah, brilliant! I knew the little device must have been a "real" something, but my grip on gear is still developing tentatively. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Yes!!!
    The title is a play on the OTO Biscuit which I used heavy handedly throughout the entire piece. It really puts some lovely distortion & lo-fi on whatever runs through it. A beautiful sounding fx box it is. The user manual for the Biscuit actually points out that you better not eat it!

    The project was conceptualized and composed in about a months time, inspired by the being out of work and the after effects from Super-Storm Sandy. Things were looking bleak! The voice in my head (or my gut) said to me: "Hey! This is the time to get your music out there."

    "the product of I'd imagine at least a decade's worth of his associative engine churning discretely at all hours."

    ^ so true it's scary!

    Big Big Thanks for the love & support!

    1. Big thanks for sending us a copy! I know how few were made and God knows it was one of the prettiest tape packages we've gotten this year. I felt like a kid - opened the box, pointed and said "wanna write about THIS one".