February 18, 2013


The extent of posted information on this beauty from DC's Peoples Potential Unlimited: "Milwaukee disco funk holy grails right here. From the forthcoming LP [Made in the Shade] on PPU Records... Should tide you over". Though I'm genuinely excited at the prospect of Milwaukee becoming more than just the quintessential mid-Western locale that occasionally staying in Chicago can bring you close to, but not really into contact with, I'm sad to say that Dazzle is like many hometown heroes circa 1980; that is, still less that well documented. I can find out that Dazzle wasn't their first name and that the previous, C on the Funk, was in honor of band leader Charlie Smith. Fortunately, the music speaks for itself and PPU is being generous while Made in the Shade is properly prepared. This teaser 12" contains four songs, several of which can be found online; two can be found streaming online easily and instrumental stand-out "Explain" is being showcased on the label's soundcloud. Though I can't say with 100% certainty whether PPU's preparations for Made in the Shade involve reissuing a dead band's opus or helping a reformed band - I assume it's a re-issue, but I can't verify the name or tracks, etc. Like I say though, the music speaks for itself, so let "Explain" "do all the talking for you", or something insipid sounding like that.

Stream: Dazzle - "Explain"
Grab the new 12" here and sign up for PPU's mailing list to keep informed.

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