February 22, 2013

Marble Low

Feast of Violet is the solo moniker of Atlanta-based musician Allen Taylor, though he is also a member of Mirror Mode and plays synths in Lotus Plaza. He's lately released a lovely new collection of songs titled Platform EP; it’s been two years since Taylor has released anything not in an EP format, and the four tracks on Platform EP serve as a first taste from his upcoming full-length album, Chelsea Psychic. Additionally, he’s working on a handful of tapes, the first of which is a self-released split cassette with friend and fellow musician Warning Light. If that wasn’t enough, Taylor is also a visual artist exploring the intersection of sensation with various mediums, his next project in that vein being “an ambient art book" in which each two pages corresponds to a different soundscape.

But, first things first: Taylor's Platform EP sees Feast of Violet exploring finely-tuned soundscapes in absorbing detail; the tracks are like a series of meticulous landscape paintings created by the same artist. Never quite ambient enough to become totally awash in abstraction, each song builds on subtle beats and unique synth/vocal loops until you suddenly realize you’re caught up in the swell of a perfect, multi-layered wave. I’m pretty obsessed with “Marble Low” (which is unfortunately the shortest track on the EP, coming in at 3:36). It starts slowly before morphing into quite the catchy home office jam, with idiosyncratic, squeaky rhythms, and gorgeous layers of vocal looping.

MP3: Feast of Violet - Marble Low
We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Chelsea Psychic and Taylor’s other projects, but for now you can download the Platform EP for whatever you like here.

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