February 4, 2013


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
While I've certainly enjoyed M|O|D's output as a collective, I think there are a lot of folks (myself included) that are wondering how each member's music stands on its own. Yung Satan has long been a personal favorite of the hit makers (which all five certainly are), so it's exciting to finally get his debut solo EP. Maserati is a fast-paced banger that lives up to its title, with snare and tom-hits that almost seem to fly by at roaring speeds to get your feet really working on the floor. Even "Stay Funk", a somewhat leaned out track that rides the late night vibes, keeps the pace up; refusing rest until sleep. Stream the entire EP below, and purchase the digital via M|O|D's Bandcamp.

Stream: Yung Satan - Maserati EP

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