February 6, 2013

Noah Wall Live at Public Assembly, January 20, 2013

I'm going to rely on one of New York's finest, Stadium & Shrines, for muh preface here (thanks for the effort, Dave, I comped you an Oxford comma): "Last week Noah Wall performed as part of PRACTICE!, a series presented by Diamond Terrifier, Diamond Mouth Surprise[,] and Public Assembly. It was his first live appearance in eight months, and his set indeed released freeform-psych endorphins like they’d been bottled up for quite some time." The product of that appearance is an elegant improvisation, at times restrained and others brilliantly impulsive. I have it from Noah that the song is composed in "3 basic sections with very loose paramaters," the "parameters" amounting to a decision to work in the key of D. Thanks to SoundCloud, we can even quickly visualize the three sections within the set; the first ending in a crowded crescendo, the second taking in retrospect the character of a more "restrained" bridge, and the third really hammering home that Noah and I read the same books growing up. Energizing and electric, the third section ends with a nearly minute and a half cool down and a delicate death rattle of some aural elements from the preceding segment of music. (via Stadiums & Shrines)

Download or stream Noah's set in its entirety below.

Stream: Noah Wall Live at Public Assembly, January 28, 2013

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