February 21, 2013

Now This

The mission statement for a new kickstarter project from Orlando, FL based beat-maker Omar Laracuente, aka Amable...
This project is to fund my first vinyl release called "Now This". The EP will be a 4 song instrumental record which are remixes of songs from my previous album titled "And Now". The record will be pressed on transparent blue vinyl featuring artwork by Ryan Fleming, who has done artwork for the likes of Stones Throw Records, Count Bass D and many others. There will be a limited number of 50 screen printed album covers using glow in the dark and metallic inks. All proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to master the tracks, press the record, print download link cards, print the label and cover artwork and ship it to your gracious hands.
$4 gets you the digital tracks, but $10 is the reward threshold for what will surely be some immaculate vinyl - Ryan Fleming's work on this one looks gorgeous, but his credentials say almost as much about Laracuente's aural milieu. Though I hadn't heard of Amable before Omar zapped us a link to his kickstarter, it was an easy intro; his last album, The Bundle, is available for free on his bandcamp. and you can stream its predecessor (which includes the tracks that inspired the Now This instrumentals) is streaming. Stream one of the new instrumentals below and head over to the Amable's soundcloud page to explore the rest of the EP.

Stream: Amable - "Afterwards"

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