February 1, 2013

Preservation's Contrast Cassette Series

Preservation, based in the Marrickville suburb of Sydney, Australia, is an engaging contradiction; an experimental ambient label that sports a minimalist deployment of visual and release information, while its name and symbolism hint at the prerogatives of a modern day "encyclopédiste". The contradiction is illusory, however. By describing its yearly output as "Circa 2011", "Circa 2012", and so on, giving each series distinctive and interconnected cover art, Preservation strongly implies that the content of their output is more their metaphysical companion; an emergent being to be documented and meticulously understood, more than a movement or aesthetic that Preservation advocates. So, a new cassette series given the name "Contrasts" easily piqued our interest. From the label:
"Contrasts is a limited edition split series on cassette in editions of 100. Each release features a veteran of a particular style with a more recent artist of the form. Each have contributed a piece of more than 20 minutes’ duration in exploring the tape medium.  
One set features laptop composers Pimmon and Deep Magic both in sync with their pulsating and subtly symphonic ambience, another couples avant-guitarists Loren Connors and Chris Forsyth. Contrasts is completed by the pairing of synth master JD Emmanuel and Barn Owl’s Evan Caminiti working the synth instead of his trademark guitar in pursuit of transcendental meditation."
Listen to some samples from each tape in the series' first offering and purchase copies from Preservation.

Stream: Pimmon & Deep Magic

Stream: JD Emmanuel & Evan Caminiti

Stream: Loren Connors & Chris Forsyth

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