February 13, 2013

Skin Period

A glittering piece of glam rock, “Skin Period” is the kind of song that immediately brings to mind a packed concert; people in bright clothing standing tightly together, shining with sweat and, in Dazzletine’s case, probably glitter as well. A steady undercurrent of handclaps and backup vocals reminiscent of Queen carries the track along as it shifts from stadium anthem to almost full-blown T.Rex stomp and back again. “Skin Period” is the last track off Pittsburgh-based Dazzletine’s album Heart, Mind, Bodies (which I wrote up last year), and it’s the first of a batch of songs they’re highlighting and expanding on throughout 2013.

Tomorrow, “Skin Period” and three brand-new “b-sides” will be released on Bandcamp for free (Happy Valentine’s!), and on April 6th, Dazzletine will be headlining a physical release show for the single at 6119 Penn Ave in Pittsburgh. The main man behind Dazzletine (Dan Koshute) tells me it’s going to be “a true Dazzletine experience” with psychedelic projections, lights, and other fun surprises. Following that, two other tracks off Heart, Mind, Bodies will be re-released with their own new b-sides over the next few months -- with the whole mess culminating in a handmade, hand-painted four CD boxset and booklet.

I got to preview the three new b-sides with “Skin Period” and they’re definitely proof that Dazzletine continues to refine their sound in a really unique direction, preserving its connections with multiple genres. I’m truly excited to hear the other b-sides as they’re released this year.

For a "limited time," you can grab Heart, Mind, Bodies in its entirety for free here, and don’t forget to check back there tomorrow for a new batch of goodies.

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