February 7, 2013

TV Party

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
I woke up a little groggy today, wanting more sleep but deciding it would be more productive to get up and get my day going. While in search of some listening to get my day set in the right direction I came across Luxury Elite's TV Party. The entire record is full of soothing, jazzy drones and loops that seem to go perfect with espresso and breakfast tacos. I can also see the record sound-tracking the most epic road trip of your life with your two best friends. Its mood-enhancing abilities definitely gives TV Party an early spot in my favorite records of 2013.

Stream: Luxury Elite - TV Party You can purchase or grab a free download of TV Party at Luxury Elite's Bandcamp.


  1. breakfast tacos? fancy as fuck. what happened to the ramen diet?

  2. Hahaha, every now and then I come by a few bucks and decide to treat myself to a carton of eggs, package of bacon, block of cheese and some tortillas. Protein is important, so they say.