February 14, 2013

Video Premiere: Filardo - I Don't Getcha' Kid

I should say straight off, here's hoping that Paul Arambula one day reprises his role as the "I Don't Getcha' Kid". Few people can do awkward that well; appropriately enough, Arambula's small suit and jerky perambulations make me think of David Lynch rapping about being "different" as a child. I don't know why in my vision he's rapping necessarily, but it would look as delightfully out of place as Arambula manages to in nearly every moment of Christian Filardo's killer video for his brother Tom's song "I Don't Getcha' Kid." Though Christian is perhaps the more prolific of the two Filardo brothers, Tom (presumably by virtue of seniority) uses the family surname for his entertaining art-pop project, Filardo. "I Don't Getcha' Kid" comes from Tom's latest LP, Falling Up, which is also the vinyl debut for Christian's Holy Page Records, one of two upcoming departures from their more familiar cassette format.

Preorder Fallin' Up here.

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